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Application Overview 2020 – Comenius University

  • Step 1: Request the Info Package and Complete the Official Application

    In order to apply to your desired medical program at Comenius University, you must first obtain our free Info Package. There, you will find detailed information, as well as all application documents that are necessary for a successful application to Comenius University in Bratislava.

    Additionally, once you submit your request for the Info Package, you can go ahead and complete the Official Application Form. Fill in your details and hit submit!

  • Step 2: Submit the Required Documents

    As soon as you have obtained the necessary documents from the Info Package, fill in your details and obtain the required documents. Then, send us the required documents by post, along with a signed contract, and we can move forward to the last step!

  • Step 3: Successful Application & Studying for the Entrance Exam

    Once we receive all the documents from you, your application has been successfully completed. We will then send you your learning materials and activate your E-Learning access so that you can start preparing for the Entrance Exam in Bratislava.

Successful medical students of the medical Faculty of Bratislava

Application Deadlines

Apply now for the 2020/21 academic year for either General Medicine or Dentistry. Every year, around 255 students can start their studies after passing the entrance examination. Of these 255 study places, approximately 220 places are reserved for students of the General Medicine program, and 35 places are reserved for students of the Dentistry program.

1st Entrance Exam in Bratislava

Date of Entrance Exam: 26th of June 2020
Application Deadline: 29th of May 2020

2nd Entrance Exam in Bratislava

Date of Entrance Exam: 18th of August 2020
Application Deadline: 3rd of July 2020