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Vitajte v Bratislave – Welcome to Bratislava!

Bratislava, through which the Danube river flows, is the capital of Slovakia. In the center of the city, one can find the breathtaking castle. On a trip to the castle, one will have an amazing view over the whole city and the boardwalk beside the Danube.

With approximately 20,000 students, Bratislava is a typical student-city with inexpensive places to visit – often with student discounts. Costs of living are easily manageable and slightly lower compared to other European cities. Living expenses range from 300 € to 400 € per month (excluding rent).

Bratislava is five minutes away from the Austrian border by car. There is a shuttle bus that goes from Bratislava to Vienna several times a day. The bus ride takes approximately one hour and costs around five Euros each way.

South of the Danube river, the wonderful city park “Sad Janka Král’a“ lies directly adjacent tothe huge shopping center Aupark. The city park is perfect for relaxing, going for a walk, and a variety of other leisurely activities.

Official video of the city Bratislava