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About the Entrance Exam

You have to prepare for 1500 multiple choice questions for the entrance exam in Bratislava. There are 750 questions from Biology & 750 questions from Chemistry. The entrance exam consists of 100 randomly selected questions from each subject for a total of 200 questions.

You can prepare for all 1500 test questions using the official test booklet and our modern online learning platform. Additionally, we will send you 1500 custom made flash cards to help you study when you are away from your computer.

In order to pass the entrance exam, you must study all 1500 questions that you receive from us. We will professionally prepare you for the entrance exam – you can even take sample online entrance exams to monitor your progress!

Decide to apply with us, and fulfill your dream of studying medicine abroad!

Entrance Exam Bratislava - Successfully pass the exam with our help!

Expect a professional path to your Medical Studies

Once you have decided to begin your studies together with SVM Bratislava, we will provide all of the necessary information for the coming processes regarding a successful application to the university. Furthermore, you will get access to our E-Learning platform, as well as the official entrance exam booklet. You will be able to perfectly prepare for the entrance exam – if you use it right, no obstacles are left in the way.