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FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

On this page we summarised the most important questions for you. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us any time!

I would like to take a look at the university & the city in person, are you there to guide me through?

Two of our workers live in Bratislava and study medicine by themselves. Call us anytime to arrange a meeting in Bratislava and to take a look at everything with us.

When are the application deadlines?

1st Entrance Exam in Bratislava

Date of Entrance Exam: 26th of June 2020
Application Deadline: 29th of May 2020

2nd Entrance Exam in Bratislava

Date of Entrance Exam: 18th of August 2020
Application Deadline: 3rd of July 2020

How many study places are available?

Every year, around 255 students can start their studies after successfully finishing the entrance examination. Of these 255 study places, approximately 220 places are reserved for students of the General Medicine program and 35 places are reserved for students of the Dentistry program.

In what language is the entrance exam and how long does it last?

The entrance exam is completely in English and lasts about 3 hours. To successfully pass the entrance exam, you must study all 1500 questions that you receive from us. We will professionally prepare you for the entrance exam – you can even take sample online entrance exams to monitor your progress!

Are you coming to the entrance exam with me?

Of course. We support you at the day of the entrance examination and go there together with you.

How long do the studies last?

The offered studies in general medicine & dentistry are held completely in English and last 6 years. Throughout your studies, you are taught solely in English language.

How high are the study costs?

The study costs are 9500€/year for the General Medicine program and 11000€/year for the Dentistry program.

My graduation results are not really good - does it matter?

No, it does not matter at all. Everything that counts is the result of your entrance exam.

What degree will I get after graduation?

After graduating from the General Medicine program, you will have a degree in medicine – MUDr. (medicinae universae doctor) and after graduating from the Dentistry program, you will have a degree in dentistry MDDr. (medicinae dentalis doctor). Your title as a doctor, as well as your medical degree, is fully recognized throughout Europe.

Where can I work as a doctor after graduation?

After your graduation from university, you can immediately, flexibly, and seamlessly begin your specialization in any European country.

What if I do not pass the entrance exam, will I still have to pay your commission fee?

Our goal is to get your study place. So if you do not pass the entrance exam you also do not have to pay our commission fee.

Will there be any more costs for me besides your commission fee during the application process?

No, you only have to send us your birth certificate and your graduation certificate which are certified by a notary. All other costs which are generated throughout the whole admission process are payed by us.

More questions?

Call us anytime +421 919 238 681 or send us an E-Mail!