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Living in Bratislava – We Find the Right Apartment for You!

In Bratislava, there is a large enough supply of apartments which ensures that your needs will be met. Most accommodations are two-room apartments; however, there are enough other accommodations available to find the one that fits you best. Living in Bratislava is relatively inexpensive considering Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. We will provide you with a high quality accommodation close to the university.

The following photos were taken in apartments from medical students in Bratislava. They are about three to five minutes walking distance from the university

Prices including Internet and utilities for apartments close to the university

  • One-room apartment: about 500 – 600 € per month
  • Shared apartment for two: about 850 – 1400 € per month
  • Shared apartment for three: about 1200 – 2000 € per month