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What We Do for You

Our services are one of a kind, which we have specially tailored to Comenius University in Bratislava. We provide you with the best preparation for the Entrance Exam with our exclusive learning materials and E-Learning system.

Applying to universities in Slovakia is a long and complex process, and it involves many fees and waiting periods. It is our job to make sure the entire application goes as smoothly as possible. We take care of all the necessary translations into Slovak and cover the costs incurred during the course of the entire application process, so you can focus on the Entrance Exam, and you don’t have to waste your valuable time concerned with deadlines and the complicated application procedures.

We also offer provide other services, on top of our modern E-Learning system, such as all of the necessary textbooks and tools for the first semester, help with finding accommodation, as well as support during your studies and much more:

               Stress-Free                Application

  • Online registration for the Entrance Exam
  • We bear the cost of the exam fee and translations
  • Translation of all documents into Slovak (certificates, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Personal submission of all application documents directly to the university
  • Smooth application process
  • Support before and during your studies
  • Meeting in Bratislava: University & City Tour
  • Get to know other students at our Info Meeting

Optimal Preparation
for the Entrance Exam

  • Preparation for the Entrance Exam
  • Provision of written learning materials (original test questions including answers)
  • Access to modern online E-Learning system (learning online and mobile test questions)
  • Track your learning progress
  • Provide online sample exams
  • We book the right hotel for you
  • We accompany you to the Entrance Exam
  • Same day exam results

Successful Entry
to Medical School

  • We search & find the right apartment for you
  • We provide all books for the first semester
  • You will receive a lab coat & dissection kit from us
  • We take over the validation (recognition of your high school diploma in Slovakia) and thus secure your study place
  • We accompany you to the university on the first day
  • We are your personal contact person in Bratislava and are always available for questions

Our Services in Detail

The Application Process

The application to either the General Medicine or Dentistry program is complicated and very time consuming. That’s why we: take care of all necessary documents to ensure your successful application, translate all your required documents (birth certificate, graduation certificate, vaccinations and more) using official Slovak translations, which are required. We also validate your foreign school grades at the Slovak Ministry of Education so that you will officially be allowed to study medicine in the state of Slovakia (without which you cannot study in Slovakia). If you are from a non-EU country, we also help you get your temporary residence visa in Slovakia. Of course, we assume all of the costs generated during the application process. Moreover, we personally accompany you on the day of the entrance examination.

We perform all the essential steps to ensure your successful participation in the entrance exam, and we help you with a successful start to your medical studies!


With us, you don’t need to study for the entrance exam with only the printed entrance exam study book, but you can also study online using our online E-Learning system. Our E-Learning system is especially made for you to make it easier for you to pass the entrance exam at Comenius University. Everybody who studies hard with the official test booklet and E-Learning can pass the entrance exam! You also have the opportunity to take sample entrance exams online allowing you to predict your success on exam day.

Our E-learning system and the official test booklet provide the original test questions, which you will also have to answer when you take the official entrance exam.

With our exclusive E Learning you will be perfectly prepared for the Entrance Exam in Bratislava

Apartments, Internet & Mobile Phones

We work closely together with a Slovak real estate agent who always manages to find the perfect apartments close to the medical faculty for our students. Since we always meet with our applicants in Bratislava for an official “Meet & Greet”, you will be able to foster friendships early on. Usually, our applicants become fast friends and the possibility of living together arises.
If it is not possible for you to travel to Bratislava, we can personally search for the perfect apartment on your behalf. All of the apartments that we provide are of very high quality.
Don’t worry about whether or not you will have access to the internet– the apartments we provide for you are equipped with Wi-Fi. Also, don’t worry about data roaming costs – nowadays the roaming costs are extremely low, and in most cases a separate phone with a Slovak number is not needed.

More information about our apartments.

Meet & Greet / University Tour

Each year, before the entrance exam, we meet with our applicants in Bratislava. We take a look at the university together so that you can immediately find your way at the beginning of your studies. After that, we walk to the city center and visit the most interesting places in Bratislava.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to make new friends and to possibly find a roommate to live with during your studies.

Study Materials & Support During Your Studies

We don’t simply create a path for you to study medicine, but we also provide a comprehensive study package for the first semester. This study package includes: all books for the first semester (anatomy, biophysics, Latin, Slovak & biology), a laboratory coat for practical trainings & dissection tools for your anatomy dissection practical work.

At the beginning, it can be difficult to find your way at the university. That’s why we are with you on your first day of university. If you have any questions during your studies, we are always there to help you and provide you with high quality information about the university and your studies.

We provide all the books for a good and easy start in the first semester!

Expect a professional path to your Medical Studies

Once you have decided to begin your studies together with SVM Bratislava, we will provide all of the necessary information for the coming processes regarding a successful application to the university. Furthermore, you will get access to our E-Learning platform, as well as the official entrance exam booklet. You will be able to perfectly prepare for the entrance exam – if you use it right, no obstacles are left in the way.