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About the studies

To successfully finish one semester at the university, you have to reach 30 ECTS credit points. After 6 years, by the end of your studies, you must reach 360 ECTS credit points in order to graduate and obtain your medical degree.

The education at Comenius University in Bratislava consists of a strict curriculum. In many classes, you have to write small tests every week in order to keep you up to date and well prepared. During your studies, you have to participate in lectures and practical trainings. Practical trainings are obligatory and are to be attended by groups of 10 students. So, you are always in close contact with a professor.

Moreover, Slovak language is taught at the university. This is important because during your practical training at the hospital in later semesters, you will have to communicate with patients in Slovak. But don’t worry –the clinical education is provided in English, and there is always a translator or an English speaking doctor close to you when you have to speak to Slovak patients!

Studying medicine or dentistry in English is a huge advantage for you because you will be very flexible in your career as a doctor. You can work anywhere in the world – as an English speaking doctor you will be understood everywhere. Don’t miss this opportunity to study medicine in English!

During the later semesters, you will also be able to study at a partner university of the Comenius University or go to another country for Erasmus.

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